Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tot Tuesday?

Maybe I should title this post "Tot Sunday".  At least it's here, right?
One of #3's boxes this week had pipe-cleaners, shoelaces and yarn, along with a canister of beads and a bowl.  I showed her how to pour a small amount of beads into the bowl, then then thread the beads from the bowl onto the item of her choosing.  The first day she really enjoyed stringing the beads.  After that, she enjoyed pouring the beads into the bowl, then back into the canister.  Over and over.  Very carefully.  Works for me!

Another box had a number puzzle in.  After the first day she didn't choose this box again.  I can understand why.  The pieces don't fit really well.  I haven't liked it since the first time I used it (with #2).  I think I'll yard sale this puzzle...

This activity wasn't in her boxes, but was one that we did together.  #3 can sort by colors like a champ, so this time we did it by shape.  When we came to a shape that didn't have a place, I would ask her what we should do with them.  She would then designate a spot.  She thoroughly enjoyed this activity.  We'll probably see it again in the near future...

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