Monday, January 14, 2013

Tot Tuesday Beginnings

I have a goal to post what "J" is doing, so that when "S" gets to be the age she is now, I don't have to figure it out all over again.  So, this hasn't been all we've done, but it's a start...
Clothes pins on a cup.  These were mini-clothespins, so they came apart more easily.  She like the activity, though.

I put a bunch of containers with lids in one of her boxes.  She loved it!  It was her #1 choice all week.

Jenga blocks.  She sorted, stacked and built.  Not a favorite, but it was chosen a few times during the week.

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Tannis Rogers said...

I'm gonna drive the hour or so a couple times a week to bring my kids to your house for preschool, k? Lol! I wish I was organized and patient enoughh to school my kids at home like this! You are amazing! I love all your ideas... it almost gives me hope for me!