Monday, May 14, 2012


We've been learning about birds.  In a very laid-back, easy going way.  We've read books and done fun activities.  We took some things from the Bird Packs found here.  I pull out 3 activities a day and we rotate through them.  Some are too easy for N and others are too difficult for A, and J doesn't really have a clue about any of them, but she likes to be included.

We had fun with the bird watching idea found here.  I laminated the birds and the guide, so that we could do the activity multiple times.  The kiddos had fun making the binoculars, but didn't really use them.  The had fun trying to find all of the birds though, and marking them off on their guides.

I made them a new felt board, but forgot to put it up until today.  J has taken to just taking it all off and scattering it around the house.  We'll see how it goes...

We've read a lot of books about birds and the kiddos are all noticing the birds around the neighborhood.  A can recognize robins and finches, and N is especially excited when she spots a quail.  It's been fun to get back to doing school, and have some fun together learning.

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