Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Month (or more) in Review

With summer here, baby #3 on the way, and A's changing schedule, things have been a little hit and miss. But we're still going! School time with a jealous little brother is a challenge. Tray time, when both have different activities and abilities, is another challenge. N understands (and mostly obeys) the rule that she's not to do A's tray time. A, however, doesn't get it, and constantly wants to do what his big sister is doing. So, with that introduction...

  • We're still working our way through the alphabet, making a book using the alphabet cut and paste sheets. N has started helping me cut out the pictures, and usually does pretty well.
  • I've started having N "write" books, thanks to the inspiration of Preschool With Mommy. Sometimes I have N dictate what to write, and sometimes I write what I want. Either way, we read it together (multiple times), then she illustrates each page.
  • N is really good at recognizing, or guessing, extended family names. So we've been working on writing them and reading them more often.
  • And finally, showing what a slacker I've been, we've been doing worksheets, mostly from TLS Books. On days when we only have a few minutes or when A is being especially difficult, it works. And N still loves school.
  • And other life school opportunities. We go to a weekly playgroup. A friend, who happens to run a tractor dealership, learned of N's love of tractors, and invited us to come help move the tractors. N was in HEAVEN!!!
Tray Time for N (new for record keeping *=how well she liked the activity):
  • Shaving cream - a huge hit for about 15 minutes. Then she was done. **
  • Jenga blocks***
  • Magnets ****
  • Contact paper art - from Shannon's Tot School *****
  • Wheat - scooping, pouring, measuring *****
  • Wikki Stix***
Tray time for A:
  • Transferring - ducks, pom-poms **
  • The yogurt game - I cut a hole in the lid of an empty yogurt container, saved milk jug lids, then let him put them into hole. He then turns over the container and shakes the lids out. He loves this game and it was super easy to make!*****
  • Circle stickers - with help, he took them off of the paper, and put them on the blank sheet of paper. Towards the end, he was able to start taking them off himself. ***
  • Wooden puzzle ** (but he might have just been too interested in N's activity that day)
Tray times together:
  • Water! I filled two tubs with water, and gave them cups, salt and pepper shakers, bowls and funnels (all plastic, of course). They had a great time!*****
  • Foam blocks ***
  • Silver strips, cut from a fringe curtain. When N first saw it, she said, "What are we going to do with that?" But then she jumped right in. It made a huge mess but they had fun.****

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Shannon said...

I'm glad you liked the contact paper collage. It was one of Sweet Pea's favorite activities of all time. :)