Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! - Reality

Okay. Things didn't go exactly as planned. I WILL BE BETTER. And I didn't get many pictures. Alright, only one. I WILL BE BETTER. But I think that the week, overall, was a good start. Here's what happened:

Monday - We read the book and did a letter assessment. She would tell me a letter that she saw, and then trace it on the paper with marker (she loved that part!). The didn't get "W" and "E". Good to know.

Tuesday - We made a mini-book that was repetitive. We colored the trees together and then she read it to me, each of her animals (separately.), to A, to Uncle, etc. She doesn't look at the words when she "reads", nor does she point to the words, but she likes that she has a book that she can "read" all by herself.

Wednesday - We scattered the stuffed letters all over the rug and N did various things to pick them up: Crab walk, giant steps, run, walk backward, gallop, baby steps, frog jump, etc. (think 'Mother May I'). She really enjoyed it. How do I know? She asked to play it later in the week...

Thursday - This was our worst day of the week. We'd planned on going to early storytime, but the scheduling didn't work, and we ended up going to the later storytime, which meant that school time was available. So, not having anything prepared, I threw together an activity and it bombed. She was supposed to line up the letters of the scrambled sticky note alphabet. It wasn't a huge hit. But I think that another time, with more calmness in the house, it would work.

Friday - We used the pages found here to play a game. We used the tree outline and the cards, but not the pieces. We just colored the tree as we drew a shape. It worked really well for us. N also really like the game.

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Susan said...

We love Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. I like how you scattered your letters and then had to do other large motor activities to pick them up. What fun!