Saturday, January 16, 2010


N really enjoyed this book. A LOT. So much so, that some plans had to change - isn't it convenient that they can with only one student? So, here's how it went...

Monday - We read the book. The first time through she started helping "read" the repetitive parts. And then we did the matching. And she had a lot of fun.

Tuesday - We read the book together then she traced the fish and two others that I found here and here. She didn't do as well as she could have on the tracing. However, I'm trying to not be a perfectionist teacher and to let her do things as she enjoys. Sometimes, though, it's not easy, especially when I know how well she can do, and just decides to rush.

Wednesday - I changed the plan. Because she was already "reading" most of the book, I decided to do an activity to help her with the part that she was struggling with - the color words. I made up some Color Word Cards - with black print (because colored print would give her too big a hint). Then we read the words, comparing them to the color words in Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and glued matching color beads onto the cards.

Thursday - We made the puppets and read the book - once with N using the puppets and once with N reading the book and me doing the puppets. Then again when A woke up. N loves acting things out, so this was great! She did get a little hung up on there being no puppet for the children.

Friday - We did 2 things for the book. Using a paper punch and white paper colored brown (no brown paper to be found. Where did it all go? And why did it leave when I needed it?) we covered the word brown with bears (idea found here). Then, when A awoke from his nap, we took a field trip to a pet store, to look at GOLDFISH. Because N didn't understand why the goldfish in the book was ORANGE and not GOLD. So we found goldfish. And they were orange and yellow and black and white. N is very excited to go back to a pet store.

Again, not many pictures. I'll work on that...


Mari-Ann said...

Looks like a very fun week! Like the your concept of using a book of the week.

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

great ideas - I am working on colors w/ my tot right now maybe I should check it out. Very cute! :)