Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tot Spot

We've had a crazy couple of weeks... or more.  J's school boxes haven't been changed in a while.  But here's what's been in them...
An alphabet puzzle.  She recognizes her letter, as well as though of her siblings and parents.  And she's begun to say the pictures that are under the letters, so it's helping her vocabulary and speech as well (which I totally hadn't counted on, but greatly appreciate).

This wasn't in her boxes, but N was using salt to write her spelling words in one day and J wanted a turn to draw and play.  She loved it!  We now have a bag of used salt to pull out and play with!

J had a box with self-inking stamps.  They weren't used as much as I thought they would be...

She also had some beads (you can see them in the box in the pictures).  They were probably her favorite activity.  

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