Friday, May 13, 2011

Tool Time

We had a great week talking about TOOLS.  It all started when I found Turtle and Snake Fix It and the library, and, having absolutely no plan for school, I crash planned around this book.

The first day N read the book and I helped her.  I was surprised to see how little I had to help.  She has become an amazing reader!

The next day, after reading the book, she did a worksheet that I made (which has since disappeared from the computer!), that had pictures of the five different tools used across the middle, with the sound they made in a line across the top and the tools names in a line across the bottom (I hope that makes sense!  I'm still looking for the file.  If I find it, I'll add it).  She drew a line from each tool to it's sound and it's name.

The next day we read the book again.  Then, I had made tool picture cards, which included all sorts of tools - a stove, a screwdriver, a vacuum, a blender, a loofa, a blowdryer, lawn mower, etc.  I covered them in contact paper and we sorted them, using yarn circles.  We actually ended up doing a Venn Diagram, because she thought that few needed to be in both circles.  Our sorts were used a lot/not used much, inside/outside.  N isn't much of a sorter (she does well, but has zero fun.  And school's supposed to be fun).

Our final day on tools, we read the book (of course), then used our tool pictures to play Tool Charades.  N and I took turns pulling a tool picture of a container and pantomimed using it.  N loved it!  We need to work on her skills (it's good that I knew what all the tools were!), but she had a lot of fun.

I'm really sorry that I can't find my pages.  I'll add them if I find them.  Here is another book that we read during our week of tools.

Happy Tooling!

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