Friday, April 9, 2010

Long Time

It's been a long time. We haven't been slacking on school, I've just been trying to find a better system for us. Here's what we've been trying:

Instead of using a book for the whole week, I've made a theme for each day.
  • Monday - Letters -2 a week. Review their sounds, how to write them, words that start with them, etc.
  • Tuesday - Book activity/poem activity. Read a book/poem, do activities that correlate.
  • Wednesday - Math - review shapes, numbers (we're working on recognizing numbers up to 20, as well as counting).
  • Thursday - Beginning sight words.
  • Friday - Hands-on learning
N likes knowing what to expect each day, so we've started having a schedule. It makes life a lot easier for both of us. As N gets older, this will grow into calendar time, but she's not there yet.

We still do tray time, but not as a part of school. It's an afternoon activity and N continues to look forward to it everyday!

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